Dreaming about reliable ripper boots?
Make your dream come true!

Our 2XP® ripper boots are here to outlast any cast ripper boot you have ever had before. With our new groundbreaking formula, we are proud to offer ripper boots that are tougher than old boots.

Superior metallurgy followed by a double-heat treatment process produce a highly durable and robust casting, creating the most resilient ripper boot in the market. Want to increase the work hours of your machine? Use the XP® range of ripper boots!

Tougher casting allows for
maximum wear performance.

Made for Australia’s harshest environments, our 2XP® ripper boots are sure to impress with resilience and endurance.


WPA Rippers

WPA® has been in business for nearly 2 decades, committed to help you get only the best from your Ground Engaging Tools. Combining our extensive knowledge and expertise, our aim is to design and develop ripper boots that work harder.

When you choose 2XP® ripper boots you choose to go with the cutting edge technology that breaks ground with your bulldozer, excavator or grader at reduced wear rate.

Preventative maintenance is key to minimise risk of accidents and downtime. But more than that! Effectively preserving your Ground Engaging Tools also means that you can achieve greater productivity and efficiency, which in return increases profits. 

So, the question really is:
Do you want a ripper of a time?