Higher performance. Longer wear life.

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"WPA's XP grader blades have consistently out performed all other blades we have used, delivering over 3 times the wear life of other heat treated blades in multiple applications.

Previously, we were doing blade change outs on a daily basis in our most aggressive application (Deconstructed Granite). XP blades could last up to two weeks.

In general use, we would be swapping out blades from other suppliers every three to four days, but XP blades last up to four weeks. The extended wear life has required fewer change outs and kept our machines up and running longer, saving us a considerable amount of money."

— Alan Bell (Bundaberg Regional Council)

Available in sizes to suit 40mm, 50mm & 65mm cheek plates.

Demand the best.

What is Advanced

Cheaper grader blades are induction hardened to keep the production cost low. This fast process makes each blade hard on the surface, but soft in the middle.

WPA's Advanced Through-Hardening Heat Treatment ensures every blade is heated the whole way through and kept at temperature for the optimum time to achieve the very best in wear performance and wear life.


Maximise your productive hours and reduce your downtime with WPA's superior XP grader blades, which simply last longer and keep your machine working days after others have worn out. The best Return On Investment you can make for your grader, and your business.


Every grader blade bearing the XP logo is a guarantee of superior wear performance and wear life. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, demand the best! Demand XP

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