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What makes the XP® Range different?

In a production driven, price sensitive market for ground engaging tools, WPA's commitment to "improvement through innovation" led us to develop our XP® range.

So why is XP® great for me?

  • Maximum production from the latest innovations in advanced materials, like our 1XP® rolled steel and 2XP® alloy.
  • Minimum downtime from double Tempered parts destined for the most extreme, hard wearing applications
  • Quality Assurance of every part before installation on your machines

3D Scanning Technology

WPA uses the latest in 3D scanning technology, here in Australia and overseas, developing our very own precision toolings which:

Makes every XP® component fit perfectly

Eliminates vibration and movement

Ensures teeth stay securely on your machine

Meet the XP® product family

Advanced Wear Steel

1XP® advanced wear steel represents WPA's commitment to constant improvement through innovation. Key ingredients used to make our 1XP® wear steel, work together to create a unique, cutting edge "work hardening" capability... Meaning just that: the harder you work, the harder our steel becomes.

As proven in several trials in the toughest, most abrasive conditions, 1XP® wear steel delivers substantial wear performance improvements of up to 30%, compared to industry standard 30MnB steel available from our competitors.

WPA® innovation extends to improving material flow with our sharper bevels and clean ramp angles, which increase loading times... whilst at the same time addressing critical running costs by improving fuel burn and decreasing tyre wear.

Australian Made for Australian Conditions

Producing the best reversible bolt on edges for Excavators, Loaders, Dozers & Scrapers


Our ground breaking 2XP® alloy delivers outstanding wear life and wear performance throughout our XP® range of castings. High quality ingredients combined with advanced processes, and a good dash of care, result in superior castings which excel in any application and environment.

The toughest materials combined with high quality fitment deliver the part you need!

Advanced Ripper Boots

Cast using our 2XP® wear alloy, WPA's XP-R™ ripper boots are subjected to longer exposure times during normalisation, and then effectively double heat treated, to create a tougher, more resilient casting.

Increased toughness means reduced chance of breakage and significant performance and wear life improvements in even the most extreme applications.

Our XP-R™ ripper boots will continue to deliver performance and production where other brands may simply fail and wear out.

XP-R™ boots are available to suit:
CAT (D9, D10 & D11), Komatsu (D475),
ESCO (E49R) and Xcentric (XR30)


Forging has been used for centuries to create high quality steel products. Today in earthmoving, you will find high quality forged components available for your machine, from trackpads and chain links, to Ground Engaging Tools.

The team at WPA® will "forge" components destined for high impact situations requiring the closest to an "unbreakable" solution. Forged components with slim profiles can tolerate high stress loads, which commonly lead to breakages on cast parts.

Demand the best!

WPA® parts bearing our XP-F® logo are meticulously forged, to offer the perfect combination of toughness and wear performance in high impact applications.


XP® grader blades are available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses and styles, offering the best blade for every application. "Through Hardened" XP® blades will outperform industry standard "Induction Hardened" blades every time.

Through hardened blades are tough to the core.

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